For the past 5 years, I have been with Kevin Turner. From the very start, he was always supportive and helpful to everything I have done. Now, 5 years later, I am graduating from Santiago High School, valedictorian of my class, accepted to UCLA, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, as well as being wait-listed to Harvard and Brown. If not for the help Kevin had given me in both SAT and Calculus, I know that I would not be able to say that I have achieved so much in my high school career. With help from Kevin, I found my SAT math score improve from 640 to 780, missing only 2 problems on the entire SAT math section. Kevin is a genuine, kind, and intelligent individual that I am more than thankful to call my teacher and my friend.

– Richard C

Probably the best math tutor in the inland empire. Experienced and professional, he was able to diagnose my deficiencies in math and immediately start towards correcting them. I worked with Kevin for about eight months and my SAT national ranking went from the 71st percentile to the 99th percentile. He has bookshelves and folders full of materials on integrated math, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry — he’s proven to be thoroughly familiar with effectively every math subject taught in high school and knows how to teach all of them. Would recommend.

– Julian A.

Mr. Kevin was an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him. He is great at explaining concepts in a manner that really helps you to understand. I have always struggled with math and thanks to Kevin, I was able to pass my college math class with relative ease. He is very professional and patient when tutoring. Worth every dollar you pay, will definitely be coming back to Kevin for help in the future.

– Eddie M.

I have been with Kevin since I was in 7th grade and now I am a senior in high school and I can say that he has helped me more than some of my own teachers, also he has always made sure I understood what we were doing before we went on the next problem. One of the best tutors ever. 

Ty C.

Kevin is a life saver!! We came to him after I failed my college algebra and trig class and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I have always really struggled with math and science and I’m the type of student to gain really bad anxiety from it. However, he was able to teach in a way that was simple enough for my 4 year old niece to understand. With his help I was able to gain an A in the course. I also used him for my college chem class and he was equally as great in that subject. He goes the extra mile and genuinely cares about his students. If I had a question, I was also easily able to message him for help. He always answered fairly quickly and was always happy to help. If you’re looking for a tutor for yourself or your child I STRONGLY recommend him! Such an amazing experience

– Maria B.

I took my daughter to see Kevin to increase her SAT scores in Math. She spent several months working with Kevin specifically on the Math portion of the SAT. Kevin was great at explaining how the SAT Math portion worked, working with her to understand the Math concepts presented on the SAT, and providing strategies for taking the Math portion of the exam. My daughters scores increased over 100 points just on the Math portion, but also increased on the English portion due to the strategies Kevin provided. My daughter has enjoyed working with Kevin and she is continuing to go to tutoring with him for Pre-Calc this year. I would highly recommend Kevin if you need a general Math tutor, but also for increasing scores on the SAT Math portion of the assessment

– Dr. Z

I am currently enrolled in Math 5 at Riverside Community College, and the level of math is business calculus. It has been almost two years since the last time I practiced math and did not feel confident in my skills going into this semester in order to pass the class on my own. So I started looking for help and found many tutors but none like Mr. turner he is very helpful, reasonably priced, goes at your own pace and if you need help after tutoring sessions he can help you via text message. After a couple tutoring sessions with Mr. Turner it became much easier to understand the material. I took my first exam and did well. I’m looking forward to continuing to do well this semester.

– Ralph A.

My daughter actually smiles before and after tutoring. This brings me joy. Math has never been easy or fun for her so the smile speaks volumes

– Maria R

Kevin was very knowledgeable about the subject (precalculus and trigonometry) and made the lessons easy to understand. He made sure I understood everything before he moved on. He’s very patient and professional. He’s a great tutor and I highly recommend him!  THANK YOU KEVIN!  –

– Cynthia, Fontana, Ca

Very easy going and accommodating to our ever-changing schedule. He was a pleasure to work with.

– Cliff M.

Really nice guy, works with you, even gives you worksheets to help you learn. He has an office set up with a white board, so its a comfortable learning environment and he really knows his math.

– Akein

Kevin has been my daughter’s math tutor/instructor for the past 7 months. We were referred to him through another client. He has instructed my daughter through Algebra and Geometry. We no longer plan to take math classes through her high school and have opted to take online classes with Kevin as her primary instructor. He allows the material to go at her own pace while still challenging her to keep up and typical semester pace. Not only do Kevin’s capabilities apply to math, he is able to assist students with the ACT/SAT test prep. We have referred Kevin to multiple friends and they are very satisfied with Kevin’s abilities to assist their child. He’s worth every penny of investment in our daughter’s future.

– Angelina

Excellent tutor! Kevin is an amazing tutor and is very patient! Highly recommended! He makes thing so easy to understand. I’ve worked with him numerous times and I always feel like I understand clearly how to solve problems on my own once I get home to practice. I’m taking an accelerated course, and I wouldn’t be surviving without him!

– Mindy

Knowledgeable and patient tutor. Kevin has really helped my daughter, filling in knowledge gaps from her previous math classes. He’s patient, very knowledgeable about math, the SAT, and college admissions. My daughter started working with Kevin after a disappointing PSAT score in sophomore year. I was so impressed at our first meeting, when he asked about her SAT goals, and college plans, and then tailored the sessions to meet her goals. He keeps up with the latest changes on the SAT and has been very proactive in preparing my daughter for the rigor of her upcoming IB math. Highly recommend him!

– Tasha

Excellent SAT math tutor. My son needed a bit of a refresher with SAT math. Kevin is an excellent tutor. He was very accommodating and followed-up promptly. Kevin is thorough and was able to help him with many different math problems. I believe my son’s math score will be up 100 points with just two sessions. He was super confident SAT exam day thanks to Kevin!

Response: I was very happy to hear that Robert’s official SAT math score had, in fact, increased by 100 points!

– Robert, Sun City, Ca

Amazing! Kevin is the best! His tutoring skills are amazing. My daughter has already shown much improvement in math since being tutored by Kevin. She recently took a big math test and received her best score ever. Much of it to do with the help of Kevin. I am so thankful we found him. He is the perfect tutor for our daughter. Kevin is a champion for her success!

– Julie, Riverside, Ca

Excellent tutor. Meeting with Kevin to assist my daughter with her Algebra 1 course is an example of what it takes to make a difference. She was failing her algebra course because she did not understand the fundamentals of the subject. However having the weekly tutoring with Kevin made a tremendous impact. My daughter’s attitude and confidence in the subject went from a D to C and eventually a B grade. Today she is not frustrated but has demonstrated a good grasp and command of the subject. This is all because Kevin took the time to work with her. I am extremely grateful to him. Thanks again. I would recommend him highly to any parents of kids having real difficulties with math.

– Yvonne, Riverside, Ca

Kevin was very knowledgeable about the subject (precalculus and trigonometry) and made the lessons easy to understand. He made sure I understood everything before he moved on. He’s very patient and professional. He’s a great tutor and I highly recommend him!  THANK YOU KEVIN!

– Cynthia